Backlinks and Traffic Tips – How to Use Article Marketing ?

January 9, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Website Traffic Help

One of the most powerful method to make backlinks and traffic for your site or product is to write very good article and to publish in article directory just like this one.
When you writing don’t worry how it looks just write it and you will changing all errors and misspelling later.
You must find good title for your niche and keywords for your audience.
Write something that’s fun to read and what is useful.
You must keep in mind what is the purpose of your article and what do you want to reach with your text.
Do you want more traffic for your site,or need more backlinks?
Do you want to sell something or just need more advertising for your service?
After completed your articles you need to spell-check it and you are almost finished.
Next, spend time making a well constructed resource box to get people to go to right place(site).
So, now it’s time to find good publishing service for your article.
What will be a good choice ?
Last few years all SEO advisers will be direct you to look on Google Page Rank and of course Alexa Rank but in last few months something is changing about Google Page Rank.
Google suddenly stopped to update sites so Google Page Rank is not very good indicator any more.
I will said you must make decision on your own .Because all depends of you,author.If you publish your own unique article on any article directory that will be good for you and for article publisher also.
You will got your backlinks and more traffic and maybe in next few months currently that directory will be No1 in Search Engines World.Who knows?
Article should be submitted to as many appropriate destinations online as possible and it is best for you to send a unique article to each and every destination.
If you want to have good article campaign you must wrote minimum 3 articles on week and you must have patience as well.

If you looking to find good articles directory to publish your articles try

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