How To Monetize and Advertise Content Websites

How To Monetize and Advertise Content Websites:

Welcome to our beginners help guide on how you can advertise and monetize non ecommerce websites such as blogs, message boards and forums without having to sell your own products or service. Content websites such as blogs, forums and messages boards purpose is to provide information and allow users to post questions and answers related to a particular topic, for example stock market investing. Now that you know what a content website is lets go ahead and discuss ways you can make money from your content based website without actually having to sell your own products or services so you will never have to deal with tasks such as customer support, shipping, payment processing, customer returns and everything else that comes along with selling your own products or services.

3 Ways To Earn Money With a Content Based Website:

Contextual ads:

There are numerous programs now available that allow you to place a simple piece of code into your website anywhere you like which will display ads from companies selling products or services related to the content on your page. The same ads can be used across your website since the code will auto target the ads based on the content of each page so no need to setup 100s of different ads for different pages. You will then get a commission anytime a user from your website even clicks on any of the ads. The payout per clicks range from around $0.10 per to all the way up to $10 or more per click, the payout you receive varies depending on the competitiveness of the market. There are many good contextual ad programs to choose from, I personally use and recommend google adsense and Chitika... to check out the top programs go to Google and search the keyword "contextual ad programs" you will see a list of all the different companies you can use.

Search Box Ads:

There are many companies now a days that will allow you to have a search box anywhere you like on your website, you will then get paid each time one of your users does a search. The typical pay out for you is between $0.04 and $0.12 per search done by any of your users - depending which program you join. To get started go to Google or your favorite search engine and enter the keyword "search engine affiliate" and you will be shown different programs available. Choose a program and sign up for a free account, then get the search box ad code and place it onto your website where you want the search option to appear and your all set.

Pay Per Impression Ads:

There are several companies you can join that will pay you for each impression of their ad on your website. A user does NOT have to click on the ad which is showing - you will get a payment for every unique impression on your website with NO action required by the user at all. Pay Per Impression Ads generally come in standard ad sizes such as 468x600 728x90, 300x250 and 160x600 so you will have lots of flexibility on where you can place the ads on different pages. With most programs I've seen the impressions or traffic you generate can be from ANY country, so you get paid for all unique impressions. To get started today go to google and search the keyword "cpm leader" or "Pay Per Impression ads" you will see a list of all the different companies you can use. Place a simple ad on your pages and start earning money from all your traffic today.

To conclude this article I will cover a few ways to effectively advertise your content website for free. I generally focus on search engine optimization methods below to drive highly targeted and 100% free traffic to the content websites which I run:

  • Use Proper Meta Tags; Your meta tag should have a Title with 60 characters, a description with 160 characters and a total of 10 keywords to get best results. I even create a unique meta tag for each of my most important pages for best targeting.
  • Use a XML Sitemap; Many websites now are built with non html formats, without an xml sitemap the search engine's spider would likely only find and index your homepage leaving out what could be 1000s of rankings for all your sub pages which will result in lots of missed traffic.
  • Generate back links; Having incoming links on your website is essential to get ranked high under many different keywords in all the major search engines. You can generate back links by answering questions in help forums that allow you to include a link to your website, submitting unique articles to article directories and by submitting to forums that allow back links to your website.

I also recommend to keep your website updated, simply adding even a small amount of new content on a weekly basis will increase your search engine rankings gradually. More Internet Business Help

I hope this helps and wish you best of luck with your content website. More Online Marketing Help