How To Increase Do Follow Backlinks For Your Articles


Welcome to our beginners guide on how increase do follow back-links for your published articles. Up until just recently back links were considered to be the golden ticket to obtaining and increasing a website’s search engine rankings and visibility This still holds true today however search engines will no longer count back links that contain rel=”nofollow” into their ranking calculation for any given website essentially preventing back link manipulation by spammers.

Many online marketing experts believe this change to the method used by search engines when they code will ONLY benefits big brands making it virtually impossible for small and start-up website’s to be able to compete with large companies for competitive keywords. I agree increasing back links to a website does require additional work which can put small or start-up websites at a disadvantage this change is 100% necessary to stop back link manipulation, otherwise you would have to compete with marketers who build back links by spamming.

Incoming links that do NOT contain rel=”nofollow” have become more and more valuable to webmaster’s since they are the only links now counted by all the major search engines when determining the keywords as well as how high the website will rank under those keywords. Many large article directories such as EzineArticles or articlebase automatically add rel=”nofollow” to any links in the body of your article as well as the Resource Box so none of those links will count towards your website’s back link count or increase your search engine keyword rankings.

You should still get back links when you submit to article directories that force you to use rel=”nofollow” in your resource box, Any website that will post your article onto their website is supposed to include your resource box so the author’s website will get a do follow back links from each website using your content.

Unfortunately there are many webmaster’s who do NOT follow the rules and will use your article with out including your resource box, this will result in the loss of many do follow links which you earned and deserve. One way to combat this, at least partially anyway, would be to include a related post section at that end of your article. This way if a user copies your article and does NOT include the resource box like they are supposed to you would still get a Do Follow link from the website that used your article and did NOT follow the rules to include your resource box through the related post section at the end of the article; Check the end of this article for an example, I used this method on this article for you to see.

There are still some article directories available that allow you to include a do follow link to your website in the resource box. Just make sure to use an article directory that does NOT force you to use No Follow Links in your resource box that has many users plus gets lots of traffic. A well written article takes time and effort to create so make sure the back links you do get come from an article directory with a good alexa rating and Google pagerank.

You should still use the related post section method I described, just because the article directory itself allows you to include a do follow link in your resource box you can still lose back links. There are cheaters using all of the top article directories who will NOT include your resource box costing you a valuable back links that you earned, deserve and need. More Website Traffic Help Guides