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Social media optimization is a social media activity in which visitors are attracted to the website content by adding social media issues to the content through various ways. SMO or social media optimization is very much similar to the SEO that is search engine optimization. They both work on website optimization which means promoting a website.

SMO is done in two categories; one is adding social media features to the website content itself, including social news, sharing buttons, user rating, polling and by adding images and videos to the content. Second is done through making and commenting on blogs, participating in group discussions and other ways on social networking profiles.

Social media optimization is different from Search engine optimization in terms of driving traffic on the sites but, it indirectly this trafficking benefits the social media optimization as both of these works on promoting the websites. In a way internet advertising is a part of Social media optimization and search engine optimization. Various social sites and activities are also used in this promotion like blogs, video sharing, photo sharing and many more. These activities help in reaching many people at a time.

Social media optimization does not perform only in marketing and brand building it is also a part of their knowledge management strategy. Social media optimization also participates in building a community that helps in promotion of a website and ultimately benefits the concerned business or company. Social media optimization helps in increasing links, getting helpful and valuable users which results in the great success.

In today’s time social sites are gaining more popularity and customers therefore, using these latest trends of promotion is good for the websites also. Social media sites are a two way process thus it helps in creating awareness about various sites, products and services etc, These promotional services are mainly provided by various SEO Companies that work for promotion of websites only. Social media optimization is one of the tools of search engine optimization through which they promote various websites.

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