Wealth Magnet System – Scam or Real Opportunity?

October 15, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Website Traffic Help

There are so many “work at home” online business opportunities these days. Some may cost you the price of a kid’s meal at your favorite drive- through. Some may be the cost of your next several mortgage payments. Either way, all of these programs, systems, or opportunities promise huge returns on whatever your investment might be.

I decided a few months ago to test the waters and see if I could make a go of any of these opportunities. I decided to start small. My first purchase was $10 and included the rights to resell the book. It was a sort of viral marketing campaign. I tried this for a few weeks and results were disappointing, so I moved on to the next thing. I picked up a $20 eBook that taught me how to be an affiliate for the product and market it through various Internet forum postings. I’m still waiting for the first sale on that one. The next thing I tried was a $19.95 system that promised a website, training, and a big fat bank account. I replicated the website, watched the training videos and spent more on advertising than the sales would cover. After that, I tried affiliate marketing through an eBook download provider. Once again, I spent more on advertising than I got in returns on sales.

Most people would think that I would have had enough at this point but I was determined to start making a buck online. Even though I followed the instructions word for word and did everything I needed to do, those products just didn’t work. I began my search for another product.

After scouring the net for a few days, I thought that maybe this a “you get what you pay for” kind of business. Maybe I would need to spend at least a few hundred bucks to get a better product. This is when I came across the Wealth Magnet System. I knew this was different as soon as I signed up.

I instantly received email instructions on how to login to my website and I was off and running. The best part is I received a phone call from my sponsor and mentor within the first half hour of signing up. Wow!! She gave me her contact info, pointed me in the right direction, and said to call if I needed anything at all. This is where the Wealth Magnet System is different than the other opportunities that I had tried. You have a true mentor and sponsor that really cares about your success and is available to you for help.

That is my whole point for writing this article. If you are looking for a true work at home opportunity then you have to consider a program that has a true mentor that will be available to answer questions and help get you started. If you take a look at many work at home programs you will notice that most don’t offer any mentoring or support at all. To be successful, you will need that mentoring and support especially at the beginning. I fell flat on my face many times before finding the right program.

A good way to help judge the quality of the service that you will receive is to see if the seller or sponsor lists their personal contact information. It is very difficult to find phone numbers for these people on the websites promising riches. If they don’t respond to your messages within a reasonable amount of time, then you have to question the support you will receive as a paying member. Why don’t they get back to you? They are after the quick buck. Returning messages takes time and effort, most marketers don’t want to talk to you. They don’t run their business as a business. They treat it as a part time hobby. They just want you to buy. It gives the industry a bad name because there are Internet marketers that actually do care about the success of their teammates and new members.

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